Miscellaneous Charge

$1.00 inc GST

In the realm of heavy machinery ordering, there are times when standard charges don't cover specific needs or unexpected costs. Our Miscellaneous Charge is designed to address these unique situations, ensuring that every aspect of your order is handled with precision and transparency.


Flexibility: This charge can be applied to a variety of situations, from special handling requests to unique shipping requirements.
Transparency: Every Miscellaneous Charge is accompanied by a detailed description, so you know exactly what you're paying for.
Fair Pricing: We ensure that these charges are competitive and reflect the actual costs incurred.
Easy Tracking: Miscellaneous Charges are itemized separately in your invoice for easy accounting and tracking.
When Might This Charge Apply?

Special packaging or handling requests for delicate machinery.
Urgent or expedited order processing.
Custom duties or import/export fees not covered under standard shipping.
Special transportation arrangements, such as crane or helicopter deliveries.
Any other unique requirements or services that go beyond our standard offerings.
Note: We always communicate with our customers before applying any miscellaneous charges. Our goal is to provide a seamless ordering experience, and this charge helps us cater to your specific needs without compromising on service quality.

Example 1. A 1 day hire with delivery has been scheduled for 7:00am on Monday 3rd the pick up collection time will be on Tuesday the 4th between 7:00am +2hrs. This gives the Tacex hire ground Handling Agent time to arrive at the pick up location. When the Tacex hire Ground Handling Agent arrives 45 minutes will be afforded to ensure a secure load of the Machinery onto the trailer, collect all hired equipment, service accessories stated on the Hire Schedule. If the Machinery is not available for collection at the time the Tacex Ground Handling Agent arrives for collection additional fees may be payable. These fees will be stated on the Hire Schedule emailed at the time of booking. It is the customers responsibility to ensure a safe area for collection.
Example 2. A 2 day hire with a collection scheduled for 7:00am on Monday 3rd returning on Tuesday the 4th time between 3:00pm +2hrs. Should the drop off be delayed so as the collection point is after hours for the return, the customer will be entitled at no extra charge to return the Vehicle, Machinery, Trailer or Equipment at 7:00am plus 30 mins. A return made after 7:30am will incur Late return charges of $75
A return made after 8:30 am will incur 100% of the 1 day hire day rate with continual calculation of costs until return or collection of the Vehicle/Machinery or Equipment.


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