Welding Bundle

WIA 200i portable Mig welder with argon gas provides a seamless weld every time, whether you’re welding galvanised fence posts, through to retaining wall top plates, this welder is offered as a bundle with everything you need to complete the task. Our experience in welding mild galvanised steel has lead us to insist on using a re-breather welding mask.

The 3M Speedglass 9100XXi Adflo Air Fed Welding Helmet, the 3M Speedglass Adflo Powered Air unit and the Speedglass 9100XXi Welding Helmet combine to create the ideal solution for welding in demanding work situations, the 9000xxi is by far our choice of welding helmets, the real bonus is the ability to breathe filtered air while welding. I’m not sure if you have spent hours in your past welding galvanised 50×50 fence posts inhaling horrendous green gases (Zinc Oxide is carcinogenic) as you go. I guess we have all been there, done that, and possibly even shortened our lives in the process. That’s why from now on insist on wearing an air fed welding helmet while you weld. This welding bundle has been carefully selected to ensure a total solution for your job site welding needs and most importantly your health and safety.

Hires with:

  • WIA 200i portable Mig welder
  • ARGON gas bottle & regulator
  • WIA work shop trolley (includes draws)
  • 3m work gun cable
  • 3m work earth lead
  • Spare 0.8mm tips
  • ES6 0.8mm wire
  • Welding gloves
  • Large leather welding jacket
  • 3M Speedglass 9100XXi Adflo Air Fed Welding Helmet
  • 3M Helmet carry case
  • 3x3m leather welding blanket
  • Wire brush
  • Wire snips
  • HPM electra safe power converter 15amp to 10Amp Adaptor (used when a 15amp Power outlet is not available)

Note: most outdoor work sites generally do not have a 15amp power outlet

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