WIA 200i Portable MIG Welder

The WIA 200i Portable Mig Welder is just what you need when it comes to welding on-site, whether it be fence posts, retaining wall top plates, or general maintenance needs around your yard, this portable Mig welder creates great quality welds.

The WIA 200i welder in conjunction with the argon & gas regulator offers outstanding welding quality on galvanised fence posts when compared to a gas-less Mig. This will certainly leave a proud smile on your face when you can show off a clean weld without splatter. The WIA 200i welder & Gas package is suited to a user who has all of the required welding gear i.e helmet, gloves etc and just needs the welder to finish the job.

Tacex Hire also offers a complete welding bundle including everything you will need to get that welding project complete with minimal fuss.

Hires With:

  • WIA 200i Portable Mig Welder
  • Gas Regulator
  • Argon Gas Bottle
  • 3m Cable and Gun
  • 3m Earth Cable
  • 8mm welding wire
  • Spare 0.8mm Tips
  • HPM Electra Safe Power Converter 15amp to 10Amp Adaptor (used when a 15amp Power outlet is not available)

Note: most work sites generally do not have a 15amp power outlet

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