EW-CSG Concrete Sleeper Grab

The EW-CSG Australian Made Concrete sleeper grabber is just the tool you are looking for when needing to lift concrete sleepers into position. For those of you either repairing or constructing a new retaining wall this tool is a must. With a safe working load of 350kg and a grip opening of between 10-140mm this will help save you from breaking your back when lifting sleepers.

Hired With

  • 1m of heavy duty chain
  • 2 x 1t rated D shackles
  • EW-CSG concrete sleeper grabber
  • Grip range: 10 – 140mm
  • Work load: 350kg
  • Light weight clamp: 21kg
  • Dimensions: 540 x 390 x 180mm
  • Auto lock for easy release.
  • Long lasting polyurethane pads.
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